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From humble beginnings of only one vehicle where the founding owner was driving, RoadwaysRemovals has developed into one of the leading and best furniture removalists Australia has available, now employing a team of over 40 staff members.

Most team members have been employed with our moving company for more than 10 years which we believe is a great demonstration of a moving company which provides an enjoyable and professional environment to its valued staff and team members.

furniture-removalistsSustaining a good working environment for our team members helps to ensure they are happy and loyal employees which shines through in the way they perform each task at hand. To assist in maintaining the quality removalists services we provide to each and every client, whether you are a local removals client or moving interstate, each team member is trained thoroughly in our company’s policies and procedures. This ensures that every care is taken from both our customer service representatives and Furniture Removalists on all services performed for our clients. We understand that by putting our staff members first, this ensures they will place our customers first, and that is the winning formula to our success over the past years in becoming Australia’s Best Removals Company of Furniture.

Furniture Removals Professionals


The culture at Roadways Removals is one of respect and compassion, this starts from our directors through to our Furniture Removals Professionals who will answer your call, and extends right through to our furniture removalists who pass the same courtesy onto our clients. The customer service consultants at our office are always ready to assist you with any questions or requests you may have and each of them is a skilled expert in their field. Most come from various area’s from within the transport industry and have a vast knowledge in:

And of course local and interstate furniture removals as well as the number of supplementary services we offer including pre-packing and interstate vehicle transport.

Having a team-based atmosphere where accountability is not just expected it is provided, is the perfect setting for excellence both professionally and personally which assists with retention of our moving professionals and furniture removalists to maintain the future growth of our furniture removals company.