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Are you looking for a reliable interstate removalists company in your area?  Roadways Furniture Removals can be of assistance and provide professional Hobart to Melbourne removalists.

Moving from Hobart to Melbourne in a couple of month’s time and thinking you could use a little professional help with packing, loading and safe transportation of your furniture? Well…congratulations…you are thinking wise! Moving house is difficult. From packing your furniture to hiring trucks for transportation, and then unpacking and setting up house before you can actually start living in it, is a long and tiring process. Without a helping hand, relocating may well be near impossible.

We are one of Australia’s most affordable and trusted furniture removalists, providing high-quality intrastate and interstate removals services. If you are shopping around for professional services at low-cost rates, we are your best pick. We offer a range of services customized to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you need.

hobart-to-melbourne-removalistsOur services include:

1. Pre-packing – If you have a large number of bulky and delicate furniture that need extremely careful handling and pre-packing, we can help. Roadways assures professional handling and packing of your furniture and household items. We value your belongings and pack each item with great care to ensure its safety during transportation.

2. Moving Boxes – Available in rectangular and square boxes of various sizes, our double-lined cardboard moving boxes are ideal for packing decorative showpieces made from fragile materials such as glass or terracotta.

3. Backloading – We ensure your belongings are safely loaded and secured on the moving trucks to keep them safe from damage during transportation. Our professional and trained removalists ensure your furniture items are arranged properly on trucks so they don’t topple-over or bump into each other causing wear and tear, chipping off of paint, and scratches or dents from friction during movement.

4. Piano Removals – We are specialists in piano removals. Be it concert grands or standard upright pianos, our specially designed crates and trolleys ensure your piano is safely loaded onto trucks and transported to your specified destination.

5. Vehicle Transport – Don’t want to drive your car or bike all the way to Melbourne? Our vehicle transport service can provide you the ideal solution. Roadways takes care of your four and two-wheelers by safely transporting them to your specified destination in Melbourne. You can collect your vehicle from one of the depots in Melbourne, or have it delivered to your house.

6. Secure Storage – If you still have a couple of days to move into your new home in Melbourne, you can use storage units for safe storage of your furniture and valuable belongings.

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Enjoy peace of mind with Roadways Furniture Removals as your Hobart to Melbourne Removalists.