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removalists-quoteMoving residence, especially from one city to a new one, can be an intensely emotional affair; while there is a feeling of excitement triggered off by a new environment and lifestyle, there is also regret in leaving behind a comfort zone of old friends and familiar ambiance. Added to this cornucopia of feelings, there is another factor that causes immense stress; that of the process of moving interstate; packing household effects carefully, arranging for safe and reliable transport and the especially tiresome unpacking and settling in. Small wonder, that most people dread the thought of moving. People who have undergone the experience once, know the importance of a professional interstate removals company. A company such as Roadways Furniture Removals – one of the most renowned and trustworthy Melbourne to Perth removalists companies in Australia, offers customized services at affordable rates, making interstate relocation a breeze for you.

Roadways has the answers for all your relocation concerns:

removalists-melbourne-to-perthHow will I pack all my furniture and belongings alone?
You don’t have to, not with Melbourne to Perth Roadways! We possess a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can pack your belongings safely using only the highest quality, durable pre-packing materials to pack your furniture and household items. Packing is both an art as well as science.

I need boxes to pack my belongings, where do I get them from?

Roadways can offer clients a selection of single-lined standard moving boxes or double-lined should you require extra durability. A range of customized boxes are also available to accommodate irregularly-shaped objects. Take as many boxes as you like, our simple by-the-box pricing makes life easy for you.

What do I do about transport?

When you engage Roadways, life is easy. Our expert team of packers and removalists take every precaution to carefully pack and securely load your consignment onto our network of trucks that are driven by professionals who know the value of your precious belongings. The drivers are trained not to take any risks and ensure zero damage during movement. What’s more, Roadways offers you the choice of taking delivery at any of the Perth depots or if you want, straight at your new house.

Do you provide storage facilities?

Roadways is a “no-worry partner”. We provide excellent furniture storage solutions where you can safely store your belongings. The storage units are safe and protected against extreme temperature changes and dust.

Don’t want to drive to Perth? Get you car transported safely by Roadways!

If you do not want to drive over long distances, you have a simple solution with Roadways. We have a network of dedicated vehicle transporters driven by experienced drivers for swift and economical deliveries. You can handover your car just before you leave Melbourne and we’ll have it safely transported to Perth in the shortest possible time.

I have a limited budget, what do I do?

Roadways offers highly customized furniture removals services. Should you have loads to be transported, our backloading services stretch your budget a long way by enabling sharing space on trucks with partial loads. Our customer-orientation is legendary and we make every attempt to accommodate your wishes.

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